Bryony’s 9 month baby photography session

I am so delighted to be sharing some of Bryony’s images with you, not only because they are gorgeous but because of the memories I have taking the 9 month old baby photos and how much we were laughing throughout the session. Mum and Dad were absolutely super, (I definitely need to get a mirror in the studio to see what dads get up to behind me that makes babies laugh!) really nice and relaxed which makes baby nice and relaxed and we managed to get such a great range of emotions from Bryony as a result!

bryonys-9-monht-baby-photography-session-helen-rushton-photography-6565 bryonys-9-monht-baby-photography-session-helen-rushton-photography-6656 bryonys-9-monht-baby-photography-session-helen-rushton-photography-6662 bryonys-9-monht-baby-photography-session-helen-rushton-photography-6667 bryonys-9-monht-baby-photography-session-helen-rushton-photography-6678 bryonys-9-monht-baby-photography-session-helen-rushton-photography-6688 bryonys-9-monht-baby-photography-session-helen-rushton-photography-6730

We decided on a really pretty but neutral background for Bryony’s 9 month baby photography session so when mum and dad were choosing images for the wall art they had in mind the colours would work well in their home

I’m delighted with the images they chose and the wall art they selected to showcase them in and am happy to share some pics mum sent of her Fine Art Frame up in their home and their gorgeous triple mini frame!

bryony-fine bryony-triple

Whether you chose a one off baby photography session like Bryony’s mum and Dad did, or our Milestone Moments series of sessions (Bumps to Babies or Watch me Grow), you’ll always get beautiful images of your bundle of joy to treasure forever and a wide range of stunning wall art products to showcase them in. For more information please call or text Helen on 07866 440740

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