Oh my gosh, this little fella, Eli, is one of the coolest chaps I’ve photographed for a 6 month baby Photography Session! Both mum & dad are really laid back, something that is sooooo helpful during a 6 month baby photography session as baby picks up on mum & dad’s emotions and Eli was going to pick up nothing but good vibes!

He had us laughing our heads of as he explored the props and the studio and we got some fabulous photos of him his mum & dad will treasure forever! Here are a few of my favourites…

elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6029 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6033 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6045 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6058 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6059 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6071 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6080 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6089 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6146 elis-6-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6166

If you would like your baby to have their own 6 month baby photography session please call or text me (Helen) on 07866 440740!


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