We have had the most amazing year with Roni through his Watch Me Grow baby’s first year photography, I’ve watched him develop from a very clingy little 3 month old to a gorgeous, confident 12 month old which has been a pleasure and an honour!

Watch Me Grow baby’s first year photography programs are without doubt my favourite type of photography collection I offer (well apart from bumps and babies, oh and… well you know where I’m going!), whilst the final session at around 12 months is tinged with a little sadness knowing that our time together is coming to a close I must admit that lots of my baby’s mums have now become friends I will treasure!

Carrie, Roni’s mum, has been fabulous through out – we’ve had heart rendering moments when Roni was tiny and not wanting to leave his mum even for a second through to heart attack sessions as Roni learnt to crawl and get into EVERYTHING but every second of every session was a complete please and I can’t thank Carrie enough for trusting me to record these milestone moments of Roni’s first year!

Here are a few of my favourite from Roni’s Watch Me Grow baby’s first year photography…

ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-1 ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-2 ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-0270 ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-1780 ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-1831 ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-1883 ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6411 ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6454 ronis-3-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-6485 ronis-12-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-5542 ronis-12-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-5651 ronis-12-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-5748 ronis-12-month-baby-photography-session-little-acorns-photography-5758

If you would like to find out more about our Watch Me Grow baby’s first year photography program, please text or call me (Helen) on 07866 440740!

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